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The Lunigiana draws its name from the Roman colony of Luni, founded by the Romans in 177 BC at the mouth of the river Magra, so rich and dazzling marble to mislead the Normans that was Rome. The Lunigiana is identified today with the valley of the Magra and its tributaries, while its historical borders are much wider. But the most ancient history is the history of the fair people of Ligurian race, who resisted the Romans and hard - won - were deported en masse in Sannio. Situated between Tuscany and Liguria, both these regions once again the character of the landscape more than a thousand years old, in composite cultures and the friendliness of the people. A small region, rich in history, which looks like a real kaleidoscope of lights, colors and images, very green scenarios that end, high up in the Apuan jagged peaks and meadows in the vast expanses of the Apennines. He begins to visit with our help then. A Pontremoli you have to go, right on the castle Piagnaro, to mirror the faces disturbing the stone idols of the nations Lunigiana: warriors armed to the teeth, women with full breasts, carved thousands of years ago, fascinating and mysterious stones maybe han protected villages and crops, and still watch over the valley. Continue your path, go step by step in the soul of this land, a land of roads with hospitals along the Francigena gave hospitality to pilgrims, parish churches, churches that watch over the Magra river crossings, abbeys. And, here, in these valleys for centuries took place the festival of one of the oldest and most powerful families of the past: the Malaspina, guests of Dante and the troubadours, Marquis famous throughout Europe and, among many, quell'Alessandro of Mulazzo last of the great navigators of Spain. The horizons of these valleys are marked by a succession of towers of a hundred or more castles, walled villages, from villas nestled in the countryside, the noble past of cities like Pontremoli and Fivizzano, where you can find echoes of Lombard and Tuscan architecture, an incomparable repertoire baroque paintings, the memory of a humanistic culture far. Suffice it a name: Jacopo da Fivizzano, first among Italian printers. For the domain of this valley border, coveted land of roads and easy Apennine passes, they clashed Florence, Genoa, Milan. Here passed armies and merchants, popes and emperors, here soldiery burned villages and noticed gentlemen dispensed privileges of duties and taxes. Here, and it's recent history, was consumed not without rubble, one of the last pages of the most recent war. You can find traces of this ancient history in every country facing and valuable museums in the old mill of Villafranca will tell the history of civilization of this land, through the language of the essential working tools, the carved stones of hemp fabrics. A Casola will illustrate the life of the village, the riches of the churches, the exciting tradition of singing in May, a singing recitar where you discover the origin of the Italian theater. Aulla to the environment is its museum, but above all, a proposal for guided tours that take you from the valley to the peaks of the Apennines, through the botanical garden of Frignoli. In short, a serene land and hospitable, able to satisfy the most particular interests and above all your dreams. There is still a world on a human scale. This world is called Lunigiana.

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